Pure Maple Candies
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Maple Candy from Bragg Farm - Pure Vermont Maple Syrup - Sugar House and Gift Shop

Our soft Bragg Farm Pure Maple Sugar Candies taste similar to our maple cream. The maple syrup is cooked longer and poured into maple leaf shaped molds, Sweet Perfection

031 4 oz. Box (12 candies) 20.75
032 2 - 4 oz Boxes (12 candies) 36.30
033 8 oz. Box (24 candies) 28.75
034 2 - 8 oz Boxes (24 candies) 49.90
035 4 oz. Boxes (case of 6) 69.95
036 8 oz. Boxes (case of 6) 101.90

NEW! Pure Maple Candies - Vermont Box
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Our soft Bragg Farm Pure Maple Sugar Candies featuring the word VERMONT.
036a 1-8 oz. Box (24 candies) 28.75
036b 2-8 oz. Box (24 candies) 49.90
036c Case of 6-8 oz. Box (24 candies) 101.90

Vermont Maple Truffles
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Created here in Vermont using Vermont maple syrup, heavy cream, fine Belgium white chocolate on the inside dark chocolate on the outside shell. Maple and chocolate – the best of both worlds!
023 1- 6oz. box 33.90
023 2 - 6oz. boxes 57.50
023 4 - 6oz. boxes 99.75

Maple Flavored Drops (Hard Candies)
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Melt in your mouth candies in the shape of maple leaves. Perfect for party treats or wedding favors. They even help with a bad cough! Each bag contains 24 individually wrapped candies.
075 6- 5oz. bags 44.95
075 12 - 5oz. bags 74.65

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